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dowekeller's gameplay for Quake (MAC)

dowekeller played Quake

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dowekeller said...
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I like playing a level of a game like Quake, Doom, Wolf3d or Duke Nukem when I'm waiting for videos to load on Youtube. The levels on these games are short enough that they just give you a little bite of goodness between tasks.

Quake (MAC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date:
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Have Youtube been super slow for you too lately?
not super slow, but I have a DSL connection, so it doesn't load instantainiously, and long vids can take most of an entire Quake level to trickle through.
It used to load almost instantly for me, since I have cable, but since about 2 weeks ago, it got a lot slower.
What I find interesting is some videos load so fast I can nearly stream them, while others especially "Classic Game Room HD", take for ever to load. I think they are all on the same servers and at the same resolution if they aren't HD which CGRHD isn't, so they should load just as fast as the other.
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