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A Dog Fight to Remember

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dowekeller said...
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I was patrolling the front in my trusty old Eindecker, when I see below me, about 200 meters, three french Neuports in chevron formation. They don't see me, maybe I'm partly obscured by the clouds, I don't know, but I take the initiative, roll inverted, cut the power and dive on them.

When I can clearly see the roundels on the top wings, I open up on the middle plane, and he disappears in a fireball, and that's when all hell breaks loose. both his wing-men break off and circle around. I return power to the engine and turn hard right (as hard as I can as the eindecker has no ailerons, using wing warping for roll), I finally circle enough that I get one of the Frenchies in my sights and fire a short burst when I hear his comrade's gun firing behind me, I break hard left, letting my machine's torque pull the nose up, and then over into a short turning dive, and I manage to get on his tail, and fire a good burst into him at near point blank, and he goes down.

Before I even have time to catch my breath, I hear the "ratatatat" of the last Frenchman's gun, and then he's gone, I circle around, too slowly to get on his tail, until finally he foolishly straitens out, and I line up to fire, he then rolls inverted and dives at the trenches. I cut power, and follow him down, but he's already far outside my accurate range, a good 350 meters below me, over no-man's land. I keep him in sight, and as soon as I feel my angle of attack is shallow enough, I engage the engine, and race towards him. When I get close enough, I fire a short bust at him, then another, and he starts weaving. This allows me to get very close, and just as I have him in my sights, he rolls inverted again and dives.

Now he's nearly at ground level, but I cut power and follow him down, I will not be so easy to shake. I again engage power when my dive is shallow enough for it to be safe, and we start a turning dog fight in earnest. My plane cannot turn within his, but I manage to give him such a poor target that he cannot hit me. Finally, he makes a mistake and I manage to get on his tail, and fire a good burst, then another. He cannot dive to safety as we are both less than 100 meters above no-man's land, He turns, but I lead him, fire another burst and he goes down.
Red Baron

Red Baron (PC)

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Sigh, last time I tried to play a proper flight sim:

" I see the enemy fly overhead, I whip the plane around, stall and spiral toward the ground. I silently curse my lack of training as the peaceful waters rush to greet me. Then comes the inevitable, I ragequit."
I just reread that, it's impressive that I have the ability to turn the ground into water on a whim.
He' You must be combining two different occurrences into one memory. Stalling is all too easy in those old rotary powered kites, you can't just point the nose in the sky and climb, and with the rotaries especially, stalling usually means a spin. So stalling at low altitudes is a recipe for turning the ground into red squidgy mud.
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