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Great video about game development and graphics by three pioneering game designers.

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dowekeller said...
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Jordan Mechner (Prince of Persia), Rand Miller (Myst), and Will Wright (SimCity) talk about the history of computer graphics and game design.

Myst (MAC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/First-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date: 24/SEP/03
SimCity 2000/Streets of SimCity

SimCity 2000/Streets of SimCity (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Simulation
Release Date:
Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia (NES)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date:
The Sims 2

The Sims 2 (MAC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Life Development Sim
Release Date: 14/JUN/05
Emblem for Genome

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o.o 2hrs long? I dont have that kind of patience man...
It is a long vid, and it seems the Computer History Museum spent about 30 minutes of it plugging themselves/begging for donations (I'm not dissing the CHM, they're doing important work), but I'd keep a link to it, anyway. It does have a lot of good insight into game design, and how escalating computer graphics capabilities impacted three important, and very different game designers.
I thought youtube had a 10 min limit on videos because they sold out.... those bastards!
@Jwallwalrus You're alive!
@Jwallwalrus They must make exceptions, maybe some kind of premium pay service, because the CHMs vids are often an hour long or more.
@WILDMAMMOTH yes i am, sadly my roommates have been playing more of my modern warfare 2 than I have!
@Jwallwalrus You've just got to take it back from them then.
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