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Kennedy Cox, Another Denizen of Isola del Fuoco

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dowekeller said...
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This is Kennedy, and this is his home here on Isola del Fuoco:

Kennedy moved here for business reasons, but loves painting the beautiful and distinct landscape of the island, as well as the chance to be near many of his business partners who live on the island for tax and/or legal reasons, folks like Kennedy's long time business partner Professor Abhijeet Depiesse who used to be the worlds foremost expert in the field of outfitting marine life with high-powered directed energy beam weapons. Now Prof Depiesse has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth behind the events leading up to the great Isola del Fuoco conflagration, and exactly where the millions of metric tonnes of industrial waste came from. But in the mean time, he does do "odd jobs" for his old friend Kennedy:

Kennedy doesn't talk about his business much, only that it's based in a hollowed out volcano (one of the really nice perks of moving to Isola del Fuoco is the sheer variety of hollowed out mountains, one need only dispose the tons of paperwork, junked automatic doors, vending machines and robots ,and other assorted waste products, then setting up a base of operations is easy as 1-2-3. Here is a photo of Kennedy off on his short commute to work.
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That's a wicked work uniform!
It's certainly an unusual outfit to see on a man who is getting into a limo.
One of the perks to the whole criminal mastermind career. Downside, you never see Hydra or Dr. Evil get a jeans day when they can come to work wearing a collared tee, jeans and tennis shoes. Also, good henchmen are getting harder and harder to find these days, everybody want's health benefits and worker's comp. Just you try to talk competent workers into a job holding a sub machine-gun and standing aimlessly on a narrow cat-walk 1000 feet above a pit of molten-magma!
Good henchmen may be more demanding than ever, especially the creative accountants and shysters, but on the other hand, this is the best economy in which to hire common thugs, bag men, wheel men, street-level liquidators, meat shields, street pharmacists, automobile customization artists, rural route truck drivers, etc.

Besides, didn't all the big supervillains just lay off a slew of mediocre henchmen recently?
@LordXenophon IIRC, "lay off" is a bit of a euphemism, for a process involving cement and a one-way fishing trip.
You're thinking of "fire."

"Lay off" is the one where they try to use their bail bond benefits and the company legal department and the supervillain never bothers to call them back.
@LordXenophon, Ooh!, well, you are the local expert on all things super-hero/villain related.
Your sim is a supervillain?
Yup, and a painter. Really he'd like to dedicate more time to his art, but the bills have to be paid you know.
You mean he's the supervillain known as The Painter? I never suspected...
"Before you die, let me show you the things that I've done, so you will understand the breadth of my transformation! (click) Here is a picture i painted of the Eiffel Tower.....Do you see? Do YOU SEE?!!"

Cartman: uh...yeah dude....

"And HERE is my masterpiece (click). An oil painting of me and mister wiggles the cat on a picnic by the Hudson. Do you SEE?! DO YOU SEE..."

Cartman: heheh....

"Look! Look at the things I've done! Here is an oil fresco of Yellowstone National Park! Do you see?! Here are pictures I made from my trip to Cheyenne for Frontier Days. Do you see?!"

Cartman: Oh my God! I'm so bored! Somebody help me!
He's a terrific painter he can do an entire apartment in one afternoon, two coats.
And how much of the future can you see in his paintings?
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