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Not every one on Isola del Fuoco is Rich and Infamous

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dowekeller said...
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Case in point, this is Amin Sims, late of Tunis, when he first arrived on the sandy shores of Isola del Fuoco, he was an unemployed engineering student, now he works in a popular restaurant (look for the big yellow M), and has built himself a small but cozy home among his beloved "hot tourist chicks" where he dedicates his life to mixed drinks and hot-tub parties.

Here's a picture of Amin's picturesque island home:

The hot-tub conversation is always interesting, and Amin can mix a mean margarita or appletini, but appetizers tend to be predictable. Hey a guy's got to price cut somewhere.

Why hot-dogs? Well, some things may just remain a mystery.
The Sims 2

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The Sims 2

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Genre/Style: Simulation/Life Development Sim
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Are his hands stuck in some kinda forcefield?
Or is his stomach to hideous for us to see?
No, the pixelization is there to cover his naughty bits, Amin is a bit of a naturist, or rather he is rather fond of letting, shall we say, little Amin and the boy's hang loosey in the Jacuzzi ;-D
They should pixelate his hideous face...
Amin is far from the worst looking sim in the game, some of the NCPs are truly gruesome.
I hear those blurry blobs are quite fashionable these days.
@dowekeller what naughty bits? you mean his man boobs?
@EarthboundX It means that his lower half is starting to slowly morph into a half-squid thing and he will leap up......AND TURN THE HOT TUB INTO A RAGING WATER TORNADO. *cackles*
If anything should be censored, it's that guy walking around with a weiner on his back.
Hey it's his work uniform! And it looks like a normal wiener to me (although the pixelization makes it hard to be sure). ;-P
dude needs a decent ride. that beat up old truck of his won't see another 50 miles.....just sayin'....
I'm sure it's got it where it counts. Considering it's a delivery vehicle, it's probably the fastest hunk of junk on the island. Of course, considering most people on the island probably don't drive hunks of junk, that's not really saying much.
I'm just curious though. What "M" employed guy has enough dough to afford to get a friggin' hot tub?!
@wastelander75, D'ya see his house?!?, obviously he bought the hot-tub first, and build a hovel next door to it out of old cargo-containers (there are still hundreds of these crates of various sizes littering the island, you just have to get rid of the contents, and there you go).
shit, right now I'd KILL for a house that had a hot tub in it.
It also helps that sims can get reward points for high self-esteem and get to buy magical items, one of the not-so-magical items that they can trade these points in for is a hot-tub. Amin liked throwing parties, and everybody enjoyed Amin's parties, and Amin liked that people liked his parties, and that allowed him to get a free hot-tub, which bumped his esteem even higher. It's okay to hate him for his good fortune, I know I certainly do.
i wish that kind of shit happened around here

Still, you'll have to admit, a good rainstorm, and his "house" would be a pile of mud and lumber.
I.........Ok after looking at said abode that's probably true...
Poor Amin. He just a boyyy.
and she's just a girl...can I make it any more obvious
He's just a punk
She does ba....

Oh wait we're not singing are we?
Amin is, I have to admit, my favorite sim, at least my favorite townie, he is awfully child-like, and, not surprisingly, great with kids. He just lives for partying and having fun with his friends.

And yeah, he sometimes forgets to wear a swim-suit, and he has been known to take a shower or bath at the neighbors house, and sometimes walks into a neighbors home in the middle of the night and watches the TV, but that is part of his childish charm.
wait...what? don't they lock doors in their neighborhood?
Doors don't have locks in the Sims 2 basegame. I think some later expansions added locks University maybe, but unexpanded, doors are all open. And as for Isola del Fuoco, many of the island's homes don't incorporate doors, a mild climate and maƱana culture leads builders to just make a doorway and take of early for a grappa break in the neighbor's hot-tub, or wherever there is a party happening, and there's always a party happening on Isola del Fuoco.
apparently so. Don't they at least get cranky or moody if they don't sleep though?
Sure, you wake up really early, say 11 am, you feel cranky, but poor yourself some sangria, grab a hot-dog off your neighbors grill, and slip into the hot-tub to relax, by the time evening rolls around, you'll feel right as rain and ready for a party or five.

Not a lot actually gets done on Isola del Fuoco.
is isola a pre-made cit-eh or did you make it yourself? (screens plz :-D)
You don't even need locks in The Sims, usually. You secure the house with a burgular alarm. This is a high tech item which somehow can tell friends from foes. It lets in the guy who just wants to watch your Dobie Gillis video collection and screams bloody murder when it sees the guy who is just thinking about walking off with your fancy new halogen lamp.

One thing I'd like to see, but haven't seen yet, is a burgular who comes to steal the burgular alarm. I've seen them steal a shower stall, the dishwasher, a lamp, a painting created by a child, the cheapest chair in the house, the Exerto exercise machine (without using a forklift), a smoke detector and even a potted plant, but not the burgular alarm.
Yeah, burglars are pretty random in the sims, and I'd love to have a burglar alarm like the sims have in my house.
@snipergirl, Isola del Fuoco is a custom made neighborhood in so far as I started the neighborhood from one of the generic neighborhood plans that comes with no houses or community lots. I then created Liz Montoya as my founding sim, and set her out recruiting townies, making friends with them moving them in her home, then from there I had the newly moved in townie move out and put them on their own lot, where they would then do the same. Kind of a sim pyramid scheme, this had two advantages, it populated the island with a random sampling of sims from different walks of life, and made the first few sims /very/ wealthy. I created a few custom celeb sims to look like real celebrity people and moved them into the neighborhood to add spice, but some of my most interesting sims are the townies that come with the game. Sorry if this post was tl/dr.
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