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Amin and Cristi Tie the Knot

“In a typically layed back Isola del Fuoco party, Amin Sims and Cristi Stratton exchange wedding vows.”

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The Sims 2

The Sims 2 (MAC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Life Development Sim
Release Date: 14/JUN/05
Emblem for Genome

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He even dressed for the occasion. Usually they wear a tux when they get married. But with Amin, I'll settle on any article of clothing.
yeah no kidding.
I now have an urge ti go play (the shittier) The Sims 3
@Mishy if you prefer the Sims 2, or even the first one, I'm sure you could buy it with all the expansions really cheaply.
@dowekeller heh I would if they still weren't insanely expensive down here
They look like they're exchanging something a bit more primal than vows.
*guy in background* "Take off your top!"

*2nd guy* "Yeah give it to her!!"
He looks like he's eating her chin...
Actually, the point of contact is between her mouth and his ear.
Well, sims are essentially two-dimensional anyway. Their bodies often intersect nearby objects as well as each-other. The underlying structure of the game, both in terms of environment and ai is way simpler than the sims' seeming depth suggests. a massive amount of what happens in the sims happens 100% between the gamer's ears.
They just live in the sort of universe where plutonium 186 could exist.
You must mean a sort of Negaverse where what we call "irridium" is known as "plutonium" and what we call "plutonium" is called something else entirely.
No, I mean a universe where the laws of physics are just slightly different from our own, and where not only can plutonium 186 exist, but it is stable and non-radioactive and irridium 186 decays into plutonium 186.
You call that "just slightly different?"
It's really just a tiny difference in the value of the strong nuclear force.
It still doesn't explain how everybody carpools to work, yet nobody owns a car.
the year is 2010 and there are STILL no flying cars.

I want my flying car damnit....
@dowekeller nor a garage.
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