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dowekeller reviews SimCity 2000/Streets of SimCity (PC)

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dowekeller said...

This is the first Sim City game I ever had, I got SC3K later, but lost the disk, I just love Sim City 2000, next to The Sims 2, the most addicting game around.

Game Traits applied to SimCity 2000/Streets of SimCity (PC) by dowekeller

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    city builder, Civilization Simulation
  • General Tone:
SimCity 2000/Streets of SimCity

SimCity 2000/Streets of SimCity (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Simulation
Release Date:
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My first Simcity game I had was the SNES version, man I had tons of fun with that game.
I like it because its hugely addicting and can run in dosbox while I'm surfing the web, or anything else.
Dosbox is a godsend, haha.
Makes me wonder, you think in 20 years, well need a program like Dosbox to run our current games?
Probably, even if (as in my case), I'll be running essentially the same os at the lower layers, the graphics and sound and probably by that time haptic, olfactory, you name it interface will be much different than anything we can imagine. Much more advanced than what current tech is over say an EGA PC with a soundblaster. After-all technological progress is logarithmic, not linear. PCs as we know them today may not even exist. So sure there will be emulators for older systems.
I hope so, even in 20 years, I'll still be playing Nintendo games, and I'm sure I'll be playing current games as well.
Yeah, great games will always have a place, that's why were seeing stuff like Wolf3d and even Pac-Man on the Xbox360. The best games of today will be classics just as the best games from the 1980s.
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